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Kyle Watkins focuses only in the areas of criminal defense, drug offense, DWI, military law and vehicular crimes. Kyle brings practical experience from teaching law and his own private law practice. Kyle will approach your case knowing state regulations and how they can work for you. His advanced ability to understand jury arguments also means that when you choose to be represented by Kyle Watkins, you’ve chosen proven success.

Driving While Intoxicated

To be a viable case, each element above must be proven by the State. Additionally, the caselaw is lengthy and detailed as to what constitutes proof of each element above. For example, “Intoxicated” is defined as not having the normal use of a person’s mental or physical faculties or having a blood alcohol concentration of .080 or more. Further…

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Aggressive Criminal Defense in Texas

Central Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Taking the State to Task

Kyle Watkins is a Central Texas Defense Attorney. He is a former Prosecutor, and brings all of his training and experience to bear on behalf of his clients – typically resulting in being more knowledgeable about his cases than the assigned Prosecutor. If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in Central Texas, attorney Kyle Watkins can help you get the best possible result on your case.



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