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I’m under investigation, what should I do?

If you are asked to speak with investigators, you need a lawyer. Rarely will a Military personnel be appointed a lawyer before they are formally charged. You may feel that you will upset the Commander, or draw attention to yourself, by demanding to have a lawyer – do not give in to this feeling. Investigators all over the world rely heavily on this urge and hope that they will get a ‘free shot’ at questioning/ interrogating a person accused. You will do much more harm to yourself by not demanding a lawyer and not having a lawyer there with you for any conversations with investigators. At the first sign of an investigation into your conduct you need a lawyer.

Should I hire a civilian lawyer?

If you are going to be Court Martialed, you will be appointed military counsel at Fort Hood. Whomever the Attorney is that is appointed to defend you, she or he will certainly be an excellent lawyer. Simply put, the Military is not in the business of hiring or training bad lawyers. Your appointed lawyer will be intelligent, prepared, well-educated and motivated. The primary reason to look to hire a civilian attorney is experience. While your appointed attorney will have nearly all the qualifications you want in a lawyer, he or she will possibly lack the experience that you need. This is a function of the organizational structure of Military Attorney rotation and training. Military Lawyers are frequently called on to wear many, many hats. This translates to an appointed attorney that may have had little or no trial experience, and if any, little in the delicate role of defending a person accused of a crime. You have too much at stake to do anything but give yourself the best chance for a favorable outcome.

Do I need a lawyer for the Article 15 hearing?

Yes. The Art. 15 is an advantage to a Defendant that does not exist in the civilian courts. Do not waste this opportunity! You get a free shot at the Prosecutor’s witnesses, and you do not want to waste that chance to weaken the Prosecutor’s case, or demonstrate your innocence by not having your lawyer there and prepared to start giving you an advantage.

I got charged with Sexual Assault by the JAG. What should I do?

The first thing that you need to know is that the Military is going to push harder in these cases than any other type of case. The Army has had such bad press in recent years regarding Sexual Assault that now they are prosecuting anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat. Further, the Military has affected many of the variables that were in place to stop unmerited prosecutions from going forward. As it stands now, even if the Complainant does not want the case to proceed or to have anything to do with the case, the JAG Prosecutors are almost certain to keep going with the case. These cases can have massive life-altering consequences for a Citizen accused. You need to be ready for trial, because unless you are willing to confess to the Judge that you did this and accept the incredible punishments – you are likely going to have to try this case. You need the most effective trial lawyer that you can find. Contact Kyle Watkins right now 254-444-9920.

I got charged with DWI on post. What should I do?

You need to consult with the most qualified Civilian DWI Lawyer/ Fort Hood DWI Lawyer / Fort Hood DWI Attorney that you can find. This case will be handled and tried much like a civilian case, and your best bet at a favorable outcome is to find a lawyer with experience in DWI cases. The first step is to learn more.

Do I need a Federal Attorney to fight my case?

Yes. A regular civilian attorney that is not able to practice in the Federal Courts, specifically the Western District of Texas, cannot represent you in a Federal Court case. Attorney Kyle Watkins is qualified to represent you in your military law case which is held in the Federal Court on Ft. Hood.

What does a Criminal Defense Attorney do?

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I plan to plead guilty. Why do I need to hire a lawyer?

If you plead guilty without a lawyer, you will get whatever deal the Prosecutor offers. By having a skilled lawyer handle your case, your offer (eg: punishment) will only get more favorable to you.

How do I fight a DWI on base?

You fight a DWI on post the same way you fight one in County Court,.. You find the best lawyer you can and then you break the case down. Click here to learn more.

How do I decide if I want to fight my case?

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