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I’ve been arrested for DWI with a Child Passenger, what happens now?

If you failed a breath test, your driver’s license was immediately suspended for 90 days. If you refused to take the breath test, your license has now been suspended for 180 days.

**NOTE: you have 15 DAYS from the date of your arrest to save your driver’s license.

An arrest for DWI can affect your life for many, many years to come. Not the least of which is potentially losing your driver’s license for months or even years. Choosing the right lawyer to fight for you is the first of many important decisions you will need to make – and will affect your options from here on out. You only have 15 days to request a hearing to fight for your license to drive, do not delay. Call Kyle Watkins right now: 254-444-9920

What is the punishment range for DWI with a Child Passenger?

6 month – 2 years in State Jail Prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000. “State Jail” is a hybrid form of punishment which is designed to house Citizens convicted of a 4th Degree Felony in a location more formal than a County Jail and less formal than the Texas Department of Criminal Justice/ Prison (“TDC”) – TDC is the agency that houses Citizens sentenced for offenses ranging from 3rd Degree – Capital Felony offenses.

If I get probation for DWI with a Child Passenger, how long will it last?

The Probation length for DWI with a Child Passenger can range anywhere from 1 year to 4 years- depending on a variety of factors.

What are the Probations/ Community Supervision Conditions required on DWI with a Child Passenger?

  • Drug/alcohol evaluation/rehabilitation [CCP Art. 42.12 §12(a)(2)&13(f)]
  • Pay cost of rehabilitation program [CCP Art. 42.12 §13(d)]
  • Complete alcohol education program [CCP Art. 42.12 §13(h)]
  • Pay Court costs, fine and probation fees
  • One year license suspension if no Ignition interlock [CCP Art. 42.12, §13(i)]
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